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русские женщины..

Российские женщины становятся все западнее. 10 лет назад все было по-другому. Это давало уверенность, гармонию и любовь. Сейчас будет задан вопрос о работе, карьере и в других Материальных вещах. Разве я не права ?

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que tan certero es este sitio?

años atras me registre mas por curiosidad, hoy lo retomo pero no se si comprar la menbresia ya que suele haber muchas estafas con estos temas ... que me dicen de sus experiencias ?

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Agency gives PC to ladies to chat and send letters..not this site but beware MOST!

So I joined another site as a test and right away got the whole "chat with me" invitations at $3 a minute. Then the letters are $3 and the agency of course had a guarantee. I am a smart guy so I looked on VK....found two of the 5 ladies and found they had not written to me at all. In fact they said the agency had done it. It was ANOTHER site...not this one but it highlights the way these agencies work. Only NOW thse lasies suddenly wanted to chat and be honest and have free contact on VK. ..except they both soon got around to $$$. AS IF...because they faked honesty That suddenly I became a fool. Unreal. For every 1 good woman here there are 5 that want cash only. .and I noticed that the women that takes tons of selfies CRAVES MALE ATTENTION. ...NOT THE KIND OF WOMAN TO MARRY. ANYONE ELSE?

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love and sex

The question of love and sex together is badly formulated in my heart when the woman is a princess. For me love is an entirely separate impulse than sex. If i really love a woman then sexual impulse disappears, it vanishes ! It is strange, but i wouldn’t be able to do sex if the woman is the princess of my dreams. This may last a few days, weeks (maybe months?). Most of times i will not even talk to the women i consider mythological beings. They are fairies, angels, elves, mermaids, goddesses. They can't really exist but if for some reason they do exist, they will not get married with human beings. Except in my dreams. Do somebody have this problem?

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7 commands for Slavonic Women

Perhaps gentlemen could know about the 7 commands on Slavonic women, or at least it was the title of an interesting article I found in the internet but now it is broken....



A Russian woman is, above all, a woman. But cultural differences make them different and that is precisely where most of the problems you find yourselves. I want in this post, explain a few ideas that will help you be more clear situation of your communication


I can read only about  the next:


1.- Duality

It is a characteristic of the Russian woman where there is a huge difference between normal and his beloved state. What happens in all women, in Russian it becomes even greater, to the point of finding a totally different person when he falls. How difficult is to woo Russia, real and deep woman, but who gets to see what a person will do everything possible for her beloved. You can read you the post of "Decembrists" and you will see how women belonging to the upper class, they followed their men banished to labor camps in Siberia, creating villages around the same locations. They are women prepared for tough and demanding situations that have a concept of loyalty that I have not met other women. However, if the Russian woman is not completely in love, you may maintain a relationship with you but consider the practical side of the cohexistencia. It is easy to fall in love with a Slavic woman, although many of their reactions make us think Westerners, in fact, are in love with us. That's where most of our fall friends, thinking they have already achieved when it is not so. Remember therefore a Russian woman in love, will do anything to be with the person you love, whether you go to a depressed area of ​​India or live in New York. It gives quite the same difficulties and what they have to risk. But, by the same reasoning, be with a woman who is not really in love can cost you serious displeasure at a particular time.


2.- Relations man and woman

Despite the image we all have, the Russian woman, in private, with the man she loves, is more fiery, responsive, passionate, tender and given that even women from other parts of the world. This statement will surprise more than one ... I think the reason is because we have that image for his acting, climate and culture that makes it retracted that our women . It's just that, that coldness that keep the relationship with their environment, which makes for compensation, which are opposite in private



We the men, must have to understand the facts about Slavonic Mindset and cultural difference can not be totally generalized, but we, the men,  MUST UNDERSTAND our real reason to be here....


Any Hint????? as to complete this puzzle I like to figure out.... and really understand...... I am very fascinated with it....  



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Team, 57 y.o.

United States

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New Here

Okay Gentlemen. I am new here anybody have any pointers. Trying to navigate my way around.

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Bevor ich Geld für eine Mitgliedschaft investiere.......Sind die Frauen hier wirklich real???

sind die Frauen hier wirklich real??? Freue mich über euer Feedback

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How often and how soon do you discuss the question of your partner's parents? Any thoughts? Experiences?

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Question to gentlemen:
Since I started to travel worldwide in my trip from Berlin, Germany to San Diego, USA I found a person at the hotel who was very surprised, almost shocked by me at the time saw me.
I appeared identical to a person from El Salvador.
Only the voice tone was different.
It was October 1988.

Now in my recent trip to Moscow I had again the same experience when a friend I made at the hotel again was surprised as I also appeared and looked to a man from Dubai.

I saw the picture of his friend and the look of this Arab man is IDENTICAL to me.

Everyone at the hotel was silent and then explode in a great hilarious laugh. We did it until our stomach started to ache.

Does somebody have had this experience?

Does women also have had the same experience?

It will be interested to read from similar experiences.!!

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Do you Believe in Friend Ship Between a Woman and a Man ??

Interesting question a great person asked me today.


Good question to post it.


I have had a great friend lady when I was 26, she was 12 years older than me, we used to visit us at both houses and my parents really appreciate her a lot, as well as her parents appreciate me also.


She liked me very much and I liked her also.


At the end everyone married with other persons and then LOST connection.


But we where a great friend team in those days;  always talked of everything, she looked as a very attractive woman.


We set up friendship since the beginning.


It remember me the Movie When Harry Meets Sally. - She looked as the female character, very beautiful -.


So the Question is ¿Do you believe in REAL friendship between Woman and Man?



I will cited the Answer / Question I read today from a great lady who asked me:



Yes, you're right, friendship is the most single treasure which every one should esteem! But there can't be any friendship between man and woman actually ...
unless that in long lasting happy marriage may be. Love, passion and friendship are not the same things ...
It's only my point of view. And I just wonder what you think about this eternal question...



Of course I have not yet mentioned the word LOVE in any of my conversations....


It is something that shall be handled in REAL after well know the person many times....

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Pete, 51 y.o.

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I'm amazed by some men.....

So I was reading the "Did you know" section on the main page and I found this little nugget:

"Women have different desires than men. They want courting, conversation, gentle touching and only when they are aroused are they ready to go further. According to statistics, approximately 50% of women do not like to view men's private parts when they are not aroused. That's why the first 'introductory' letters with photos of men's private parts very often offend them. These are the worst introductory letters."

It totally stuns me that some guys would actually send a woman they don't know a picture of their junk as a means of introduction. Even if they have an impressive member, how can they think that this will get a good response? Could it be that western women are more open to this and it actually works with them?  

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groom rellocation

Question to men: What Does a man might have to do if have the willing to immigrate and relocate to his fiancee homeland? Irrespective of the lady country.

Of course there are many difficult on immigration process, eligibility to have a job in a new land, language barriers and so.


I just put my mind in a lady mindset in order to think about it.


I want to hear from men, of course ladies comments are welcome.



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long distance relationship

OK fellows this is the first post asking for advice in how to have a suceess long distance relationship. Any hint?

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