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Dag, 43 y.o.

United States

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Meet up for the first time!!!

Ladies and gentlemen,

As an American it is easy for me to travel where a travel visa is not required. However, if a visa is imperative to obtain then is best to choose another country that will be best for both parties. For example, my fiancée wasn't comfortable traveling to Ukraine, so we end meeting in Lithuania after she was able to get a Schengen Visa. Later on, she didn't hesitate to sponsor me to visit her country at my request.

It wasn't wisely nor is ethically for me to invite her to my country without establishing a trusting relationship. Nevertheless, it's difficult for non-EU members to travel to The USA or UK. I was able to get her a K-1 visa after she agreed on my marriage proposal.

People of this forum...I don't want to discourage you but your safety is #1. Current events like Human trafficking, Cultural biases and Harassment of visiting foreigners is a sadly ongoing reality. So it's best to access all the risk upon meeting up.


Oxana, 33 y.o.

United Arab Emirates

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Hi Dag, This is great that you can share the experience here! As for me I totally agree. Would rather feel insecure... So I personally would prefer the first meeting in the third country))


Nadia, 44 y.o.


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Good words, thank you Dag!



At first, you must see your Lady on videocalls, then you can doing your meet on neutral territory  without visa. Then if you really like each other, you can go everywhere for second meet


Tatyana, 58 y.o.


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It is necessary to organize the first meeting in a neutral visa-free country