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Larry Rescio, 53 y.o.

United States

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USA Fiance Visa

hello ladies as an American I can tell you the process. The time equates to 5-6 months. In that time there must be photos of both together meeting and submitted with the papers. So for me, the man should fly from America since travel visas are easy. Then the lady and children if involved with need to go to US Embassy for medical scan and Interview. If passed then the US Government will approve the Fiance Visa. The other is for the American to fly to the ladies country and marry there under her countries laws and submit a Spousal Visa to the US Government which takes about 3-5 months. Children under 14 are covered by mother other will need own visa. I hope this helps


Tatyana, 55 y.o.


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Я поняла, что вам не под силу оформить брак с женщиной из бывшего Союза. Но и вы должны понимать все сложности и трудности хотя бы только в разнице наших валют.