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Ksenia, 44 y.o.


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It's happening again...?

Interested in the opinion of men!
Hi guys, I'm asking for advice!
And I'd love to hear from the girls, too.  
So, the beginning of communication with men. Truth, good communication. But... I don't get an answer at one point. He's on the website, talking to other girls.

OK   we are all free people and have the right to freedom of choice.

I respect that.
Deep down I think an adequate and civilized man has a different behavior. But that's just my thoughts... There are no problems
But... but... why are they all coming back?
And here I would like to know the thoughts of men  
I never answer. How does this work for you?
Thanks and good luck!



Firstly I think many people make a mistake of trying to own a person!!

In past I have done this myself having perfect date than I put a picture with woman on Facebook with me.. woman ran away very fast  

Until your in happy couples I think nothing is guaranteed

I think once man is starting to take you serious he ask you for passport copy to book flights and AirB&B

Date in your city maybe just like interview for me meet in a romantic location is quant essential

Conversation at first will at times be strong and other times will drop low. Man has work home and family some may work online and this show him has on site when may not be the case

There is forum and friendship too with others he may know. I for example have chatted to a male friend on here with much knowledge more than I have to any woman.

Like I say till your in happy couples it means nothing


I’d also like to point out I spoke to a few of the happy couple people before they achieved there goals however never met or had intent on meeting these girls people can be friendly it’s a community here not just dating and I’m happy for friends too on my trip to my destiny