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Don, 44 y.o.

Australia, Melbourne

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Is it hard to bring a wife with Children to Australia

Just wanted to know how difficult it is to organise Visa's etc for Australia. Is it possible for family Visa for women with children. Please let me know your experiences

Rick, 33 y.o.

United States, Burbank

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I have a good friend who lived in a rich suburb of Stockholm. He wanted to take his family to Australia. He has one child who is retarded. The Australian government agreed to let them all come in. Great country.


Yuliya, 31 y.o.

Australia, Brisbane

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It is difficult to wait. But if u have money not so big problem... we now trying apply for 309/100 visa but need 10350 $ to pay. For me and 2 children. But my children's father died. And I don't need ask about promition. But if you woman have child her ex-husband must let child go abroad! Another u must approve your relationship. Because if government will think that it is not real. Australia won't give u visa. Sorry for my English. Not yet so good