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To my understanding , I belief this page ( Administrative Matters) is not about how this forum or the entire site function . I think it is about our lives and environments, offices and organization... the leaders and top officers in the organization , how they operate and manage the subordinates . in fact , I think it is about organizational modus-operandi.Base on the comments I am getting here , reversed is the case.

Kindly advise because I have something very interesting for us . Thanks .



This is a section only for administrative matters concerning this website (i.e. dmplanet and all their affiliates).


It has nothing to do with some spiritual hobwash or how life works, how society functions, what the stars say when you do motivational training at midnight on the front porch of a Carribean Villa or what the voices in your head say.


It does not matter in what order you need to dance your name, in order to spawn happiness genes that flow from your head around the world and back into you when you eat vegan burgers from home-grown lettuce leaves and drink soy extract ('milk') from a pile of composed vegetable in your backyard.


Thank you!



Another inductee!!

With the greatest Of respect... You cannot just preach!

Site dont need change... check out the successful couples section...

Here we argue but everyone accepts each others opinion...

If i for example laugh at Paul hes welcome to laugh at me back If he can!

People who found there beloved still come back to chat to us.... compare this to scamming sites

Long live free speech and admin full respect to...