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I think 3 years is cutting it fine!! But you have already said about Europe and America being hard for you... without doubt in Turkey you could cherry 🍒 pick a man your age, slightly older or younger however these man cannot provide and often need investment.... my friend has husband she is obese! He like Omar Sheffir but she pay for everything!!! In a couple there’s normaly one punching above there weight looks wise the other providing financially!! If you want looks Turkey maybe best option but you need money or have to submit to the humiliation of being test driven by many lieing Turks to find your man... Turkey is a mine-field! Accepting more older than 3 years could be a compromise especialy because of life’s complex issues! I do wish you luck in finding your man but you are going up against much younger girls to find the available men... hopefully your English and looks gets you there but you do need to be more possitive... bar shop and restaurant owners are players I know this and so do you! So I agree that advise was very bad