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Don't confused Turks with Kurds

In Turkey there are a lots of kurds and an average kurd family has somewhere between 8 to 16 in some cases even 30 children fathers have hard time recognizing name of their children and as a kid kurdish child is not given proper value,time and education to be a nice person and usually abused by their parents and most of kurdish boys are future potential gang or mafia members, trafficking drugs,thiefs and selling women(Pimps) I suggest all Russain/Ukranian women to stay away from them and don't judge real Turkish man with kurdish mans behaviors Turks are just like Russians and they are pretty mixed with Slavic people like Bosnians,Yugoslavians,Macedonians,Bulgarians,Albanians even Greeks also Ex USSR countries so they look more like Italians or even Bosnians with a lighter skin color and since average Turkish family consist of 1-3 kids maximum they are very well raised and in very well mannered and they are one of the politest in entire Europe but hard part of it finding a real Turkish man in between all those huge kurdish population.Of course I am not saying all kurdish man are evil but it is true most of them are.Their culture doesn't give women any kind of statue other then slaving for their man unlike Turks.

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